Grades 8-12

In the General Education and Training band (GET: Grades 8 and 9) there are 8 learning areas:

1. Languages English Home Language and

    Afrikaans First Additional Language  OR

    IsiXhosa First Additional Language  

2. Mathematics

3. Natural Sciences Life Sciences (Biology) and Physical Sciences

4. Social Sciences History and Geography

5. Technology Computer Literacy and Technology

6. Economic and Management Sciences Business Studies and Accounting

7. Creative Arts A programme of Music, Musical Theatre, and Drama

8. Life Orientation Religious Education and Life Orientation

9. CELL (Coding, Ethics and Life Skills Learning) 

In the Further Education and Training band (FET: Grade 10, 11, and 12) pupils choose at least seven subjects to focus on up to Matric:

Compulsory  (Core Subjects)

1. English Home Language

2. Afrikaans First Additional Language    OR    IsiXhosa First Additional Language

3. Mathematics    OR     Mathematical Literacy

4. Life Orientation which incorporates Religious Education

Electives  (chose one from each row)

5. Physical Sciences  /  Business Studies  /  History / Design

6. Life Sciences  /  Geography    /  Engineering Graphics and Design / Business Studies

7. Computer Applications Technology  /  Information Technology  /  Life Sciences / History / Music

Additional Subject for Grade 8-12: 

LibEd is short for “Liberal Education”, the type of learning for which Newman called. It gives us a chance, in a space free from a definite syllabus and a desire to examine, to learn something about what it means to be human. And, maybe it will push us a little to think beyond our limitations toward a life that is true, good and beautiful. It helps us to become more civilized, but more than this: it could help our expanding minds and hearts to make more room for God, Who has imprinted His nature on all of creation. This is a 30-minute elective where pupils learn non-examinable lessons: Art, Music Appreciation, Knitting, Dioramas and many more options.