The Shamrocks Past Pupils Association

Welcome, all past pupils of HRC, Marist Brothers PE, Trinity and St Dominic's Priory!

St Dominic's Priory School, today, carries on the fine traditions of Catholic schooling in Port Elizabeth as established by the following schools that are brought together in what is now St Dominic's Priory School. It is the Alma Mater of all the past pupils of the schools that came together to form St Dominic's Priory School. We welcome all our alumni to share in our future as we celebrate our past.

Holy Rosary Convent, Marist Brothers College, and St Dominic's Priory High then merged to form Trinity High School in 1983 – for boys and girls. A Junior School continued to exist at the Priory. Trinity pupils took up residence in the Holy Rosary Convent buildings in Central, Port Elizabeth. Urban decline and economic factors resulted in this hopeful venture being reassessed and a move to Priory being undertaken in 2000. The Holy Rosary buildings were sold.

St Dominic's Priory School, as it exists today, consists of an independent, Catholic, co-educational Grade Pre-R to 12.  We celebrate our history in the names of our school houses: Marcellin (for the founder of the Marist Brothers), Rosary (for the Holy Rosary Convent) and Trinity (for the amalgamated school.

Are you a past pupil of Marist Brothers, Holy Rosary Convent, Trinity High School or St Dominic's Priory School?

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