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The Independent Examinations Board or IEB is a South African independent assessment agency which offers examinations for various client schools. It is most prominent in setting the examinations for the school-leaving National Senior certificate (NSC) (which replaced the Senior Certificate and Further Education and Training Certificate) which many private schools in South Africa write.

The IEB exams are considered by many teachers, parents, students and universities, both within South Africa and abroad, as a more challenging and comprehensive assessment than the state and provincial equivalents.

Many students with excellent IEB results have been accepted to Ivy League and Oxbridge institutions without taking further requirements such as A-levels and SATs.

In short, the IEB is an independent assessment agency. The IEB offers examinations for client schools at the Grade 12 (FETC) level, based on the National Core Curriculum and using various forms of assessment, including:

  • Final summative examination
  • Continuous assessment - i.e. orals, practicals and portfolios.

The School Section acts in partnership with Quality Assurance bodies as well as with professional educationalists.

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