St Dominic's Priory School

The Dominican Vision and Mission Statement


Dominican schools aim to provide forward thinking education of the highest quality based on a tradition that goes back over seven hundred years of commitment to education. Our schools seek to care for the whole person in order to develop in young people

  • A love for learning
  • An enthusiasm for truth
  • A love for others
  • A respect for the culture and religious values of all 
  • A willingness to serve in a spirit of healing and reconciliation, flowing from an appreciation of the Word of God and a deep commitment to Christ.


Being guided by the principles of our Catholic faith and acknowledging Christ as our Leader and Teacher, we strive for excellence and creativity in education, committing ourselves to the preparation of our pupils by instilling in them a sense of responsibility and attempting to ensure that they leave St Dominic's Priory with a solid foundation on which to build their future in high school and beyond.

We do this by:

  • Promoting Gospel values
  • Creating a happy atmosphere, where all students are accepted as they are, in a family environment
  • Instilling in every child a feeling of equal importance, belonging, pride and loyalty to the school
  • Working together in justice and love
  • Worshipping and celebrating the Sacraments together
  • Inspiring the Priory Family to appreciate each other, the environment and God's world
  • Caring for the whole person and striving to develop the spiritual, academic, cultural, physical, emotional and social needs of the children and encouraging each pupil to maximise their own potential in every one of these spheres
  • Maintaining our belief that parental involvement is essential and encouraging appropriate structures both formal and informal
  • Believing in a holistic education with the emphasis on fostering a sense of respect, responsibility, self-worth and discipline in each pupil
  • Remaining flexible to the demands that society will continue to place on us in order to achieve our goals
  • Encouraging our pupils to be true to the motto of the school, VERITAS, which means TRUTH.

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