St Dominic's Priory School

School Subjects

Learning areas in the General Education and Training band (GET: Grades 7, 8 and 9):

There are 8 learning areas:

1. Languages

     English Home Language 

     IsiXhosa FAL or Afrikaans FAL

2. Mathematics

3. Natural Sciences 

     Life Sciences (Biology) 

     Physical Sciences

4. Social Sciences 

     History and Geography

5. Technology 

     Computer Literacy 


6. Economic and Management Sciences 

     Business Studies 


7. Creative Arts 

    Art (all do this) and choice of Drama or Music

8. Life Orientation 

      Religious Education 

      Life Orientation 

Subject choice in the Further Education and Training band (FET: Grade 10, 11 and 12):

At least seven subjects must be taken.

Compulsory (Core Subjects)

1. English Home Language
2. Afrikaans First Additional Language OR IsiXhosa First Additional Language
3. Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy
4. Life Orientation which incorporates Religious Education

Electives (chose one from each row)

5. Physical Sciences / Business Studies / History
6. Life Sciences / Geography / Music / Engineering Graphics and Design
7. Computer Applications Technology / Information Technology / Life Sciences

Other Subjects

Pupils wishing to do extra subjects (French, Drama,etc.) and whose parents are able to provide private tuition in these subjects according to IEB requirements may be enrolled for their National Senior Certificate examination in these subjects through the school. The subject will reflect on their matric Certificate

NOTE: A number of pupils have also taken Dramatic Arts as a Matric Subject, even though they attend private Drama Schools in the area. We have also accommodated inter alia French or Spanish in the past.

*Afrikaans and isiXhosa do not have to be taken where a pupil has ‘immigrant status’. This applies where the South African school system has been entered in Gr 7 or later OR where schooling was begun in South Africa, then he / she attended school outside of South Africa for two or more consecutive years after Grade 3 and subsequently returned to south Africa.

The subjects and groupings we offer lead to an ACADEMIC MATRIC with a wide choice of career paths available to our school leavers in the following fields:

  • Natural, Information and Mathematical Sciences: Health Sciences / Earth & Life Sciences / Engineering / Information Science, etc.
  • Business and Finance: Accounting / Management / Human Resources / Marketing, etc.
  • Humanities: Journalism / Media / Law / Education / Development Studies, etc.


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