St Dominic's Priory School

Intermediate & Senior Phase (Grade 4-6 & 7)

Stimulating curiosity and exploring the world and people's place in it, is the order of the day in this phase.Our pupils are given wide exposure both in and outside of the formal curriculum. The CAPS are a lot more content-specific than the previous curriculum and we ensure that what is specified in the curriculum, is covered. This ensures that the correct foundation is laid for senior grades and the ultimate external exam at the end of Grade 12.This is merely a minimum requirement and teachers' experience and skill add enrichment to this. In Grade 6 our pupils do a benchmarking assessment of Core Skills in Mathematics and English (provided by the IEB). Many of the best independent schools in SA also do this assessment. We are pleased to report that St Dominic's Priory results exceed the national average.

There are 8 learning areas (Grade 7):

1. Languages

     English Home Language 

     Afrikaans First Additional Language, 

     IsiXhosa Second Additional Language OR Music (from Gr 8)

2. Mathematics

3. Natural Sciences 

     Life Sciences (Biology) 

     Physical Sciences

4. Social Sciences 

     History and Geography

5. Technology 

     Computer Literacy 


6. Economic and Management Sciences 

     Business Studies 


7. Creative Arts 

     A programme of Music, Visual Arts and Drama education

8. Life Orientation 

      Religious Education 

      Life Orientation





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